lunedì 18 maggio 2009

Doel ..... la storia continua


66 visual artists and 45 poets turn the village of Doel
into an open-air museum!

Sunday 24 May - 14 hrs
Park Street (in front of Doel5 Tavern)

+ Musical parade around the village by the famous "Ambrassband"

Come and see the metamorphosis of abandoned and derelict houses into real pieces of art. This summer, you will not see any sadness or ruined houses in Doel, but creativity and warm solidarity on the part of a large -- and still increasing -- number of people who in a very original way express their demand to maintain the village as an arts enclave inside and in harmony with the port of Antwerp.

We expect you at the festive opening of this exhibition on 24 May at 14 hrs in Doel

Participating artists:
Aja Waalwijk - Adamava Kunstenaarscollectief (Jürgen Addiers, Axel Daeseleire, Adriaan Van Looy, Adalbert Gans) - Aline Venken - Antistresspoweet - Bloed Zweet en Zwanen - Brigitte Strick - C.J. van der Heide - Catharina De Laedt – Denise Aerts - Diederik Jeangout - Dirk Baeten - Dirk De Boeck - Doelse jeugdateliers - Eddy Geraerts - Els Van Gijsel - Eric Windey - Erik O. - - Fons Teijssen - Frank Bassleer - Frank De Vos - Fred Bervoets - Frie Geertsen - Frie Lauwers en Frank Arts - Harésùrù - Ingrid Vekemans – Interfaculty - Janna Beck - Jelle Geudens - Jeroen Van Craenenbroeck - Joke van Leeuwen - Jordi Gers - Koen Venken - Kris Fierens - Kristien Van Poucke - Liselot Roets - Loulou Beavers - Luc Cappaert - Luk Sponselee - Maria Vervoort - Maria Wuyts - Marjan Verhaeghe - Mark Boon - Martine Van Duyse - Mat Jongenelen - Maya Lettany & Co - Michelangelo Pistoletto - Miriam de la Paz - Monique Thomaes - Nadja Willekens - Nils Bogaerts - Nina Vanhee - Nocturnoltd - Paul De Wachter - Ronald Van Genechten - Ruigoord kunstenaars - Sabine Gillis - Sonia Blommaert - Steven Matthys - TESS - Theo Beck - Tine Maria Ringele - Thomas Rubico - Ulrich Van Spitael - Waldrada Onzea - Warerhuis - Willem Plugge + 45 Dichters Bedichtingsproject Doel


Nine renowned Belgian artists made works of art inside the houses of Doel inhabitants. On 24 May, these villagers will open their doors to the public. Do not miss this opportunity to admire the works made by Fred Bervoets, Guillaume Bijl, Guy Van Bossche, Jan Decleir, Jan Van Imschoot, Kati Heck, Koen van den Broek, Mitja Tušek and Ria Pacquée.

Map with locations >>>
The other three viewing days will be on 28 June and 2 and 30 Aug, also from 14 to 18 hrs.

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La Tela Sonora

La Tela sonora e' una rete che attrae la poesia per espanderla e farla conoscere nel mondo, qui e ora: non esiste passato non esiste futuro. il futuro é il passato come é stato pensato da TE.

Ascolta ora in questo momento, l'unico possibile attimo.

Le parole della poesia letta sono adesso e ora, la loro musicalità é un tantra che raggiunge il cervello e soprattutto il cuore.

visita ed ascolta le puntate trascorse in compagnia dei poeti.

La tela é per tutti grandi e piccini senza distinzione, accoglie per espandere per ritornare nel mondo con una forza più grande

Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno deciso di partecipare, la tela é vostra