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Madjid Khaladj - Espace Senghor - 23 4 2009

Persian Art Percussion

Nafas Infinite Breath

Madjid Khaladj, tombak, daf, dayré, zang-e saringôshti, dohôl, tombak-e zurkhâneh, senj, zang, zanguleh, âyineh’pil

It is one and a just one, it is all abundance and an abundant one, highest and dearest. Its path beckons and unity lies in motion with open eyes. Each breath revives - life when drawn, spirit when released."

(Prose of Sa'adi, 13th.C.E)

A sophisticated taut bond has evolved between Persian music and poetry since the thirteenth century.

It is through the weaves of this bond that tones and rhythms flow from one realm to the other, where rhythms are determined by the transformation of the syllabic weights of verses through an ancient rhythmic compositional system, called atannin.

The mystical substance along with the lexical relations in a poem or a piece of prose awaken numerous parallel emotions deep in our consciousness; powerful writings unfold into mystical emotions.

Thus, the poem chosen for a musical composition is the essential spring from which the music’s tones and rhythms flow. As emotions metamorphosed by man into words, the syllabic intonations of poems generate the rhythmic emotion of the music while in an onomatopic reversal, the sounds of words breath life into the emotions: dynamic, spiritual, meditative... by these exchanges, we transcend into a universe of rhythms where all is connected and held together by the ‘infinite breath’.This recording represents a mere drop from the unlimited spring of possible explorations of Persian poetry. As it flows, it carries us through a vast garden, vibrant with color of flowers and ebullient with their fragrances.

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La Tela Sonora

La Tela sonora e' una rete che attrae la poesia per espanderla e farla conoscere nel mondo, qui e ora: non esiste passato non esiste futuro. il futuro é il passato come é stato pensato da TE.

Ascolta ora in questo momento, l'unico possibile attimo.

Le parole della poesia letta sono adesso e ora, la loro musicalità é un tantra che raggiunge il cervello e soprattutto il cuore.

visita ed ascolta le puntate trascorse in compagnia dei poeti.

La tela é per tutti grandi e piccini senza distinzione, accoglie per espandere per ritornare nel mondo con una forza più grande

Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno deciso di partecipare, la tela é vostra