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Saturday 2 May is D-Day: the ten villagers from Doel in whose houses 10 Belgian artists with international renown have made a work of art* will open their doors to the public for the very first time. Flemish Culture Minister Bert Anciaux will also attend this festive opening and address the public. This is unprecedented in the recent history of Doel! After the official speeches, we will take the minister and our invitees to the 10 dwellings to view the works of art.
KunstDoel is glad to invite you -- not to say that we beg you to come -- to this historic event, which sharply contrasts with the bitter images we have recently been seeing about ongoing demolition in the center of Doel. Villagers will welcome you with open arms on May 2nd. Your presence is to show the Flemish authorities that our proposal to maintain Doel as an arts enclave inside the port of Antwerp enjoys a wide basis of support.

We expect you in Doel on Saturday 2 May at 11hrs in the municipal reception hall (Hooghuisstraat).
The 10 works of art can also be viewed on the following Sundays: 24 May, 28 June, and 2 and 30 August, from 14 to 18 hrs.
More info:

*(The artists are Guillaume Bijl, Luc Tuymans, Fred Bervoets, Jan Decleir, Jan Van Imschoot, Koen van den Broek, Ria Pacquée, Guy Van Bossche, Katie Heck and Mitja Tušek)


10 May: Poeticising Doel
Our new village poet Frank Devos extended an invitation to Flemish poets to write a poem for Doel. So far, he has collected 70 poems. These 70 poets have now been invited to come to Doel on 10 May to write their poems on water-resistant canvases and attach them to the walls of empty houses in Doel. Many poets, including some literary heavyweights, have already accepted the invitation. Pastorij Street, one of the main streets in Doel, will be completely "poeticised" on 10 May. People who want to see the poets in action are kindly invited to come to the chapel (Hooghuisstraat) as of 13 hrs.

24 May: Inauguration of KunstDoel-Outside, the projects that pits art against bulldozers: Fifty visual artists and photographers supplied 80 works of art to place in front of windows of empty houses, thus making a creative and symbolic gesture to instil repentance on bulldozer operators... This event will be inaugurated on 24 May (place and time still to be determined).
It is still possible to participate, the project is still running.
More info:

We kindly ask you to pass on the invitations for the above-mentioned KunstDoel events to all your friends and contacts.
Our art campaigns in Doel cost a lot of money. Donations are welcome on account nr. BE48 7370 2695 4727 of KunstDoel vzw
For more information:
Unique picture series of Doel: (with many thanks to photographer Richard De Nul)

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La Tela Sonora

La Tela sonora e' una rete che attrae la poesia per espanderla e farla conoscere nel mondo, qui e ora: non esiste passato non esiste futuro. il futuro é il passato come é stato pensato da TE.

Ascolta ora in questo momento, l'unico possibile attimo.

Le parole della poesia letta sono adesso e ora, la loro musicalità é un tantra che raggiunge il cervello e soprattutto il cuore.

visita ed ascolta le puntate trascorse in compagnia dei poeti.

La tela é per tutti grandi e piccini senza distinzione, accoglie per espandere per ritornare nel mondo con una forza più grande

Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno deciso di partecipare, la tela é vostra