lunedì 14 dicembre 2009

Doel ...... the story goes on

Hello Folks,

Now I am really nailed to my chair from big surprise. After my citta visit, I published the letter from Caroline Gennez you gave me on the website and a Dutch artist ( who has already made about 30 works of art about Doel, wrote her a protest poem in reaction to this letter.

Last Friday, Caroline wrote him the following answer, I will translate for you below.
Would you please pass on this answer to Michelangelo? I am so glad his letter has not been in vain. This change of standpoint is incredibly valuable, because within the current government, the Flemish Nationalist V-VA is also against demolition. If both these parties stand firm against the Christian Democrats, there may still be hope.

The other good news is that this weekend, we collected the required 15,000 signatures for speaking right in the Parliament.

Kind regards, and thanks again for all your moral and effective support.
Begin translation:


Thank you for your message about Doel.

Future plans regarding the Saeftinghedock are indeed looking very different today. It is not certain the dock will ever come.

The uncertainty regarding the Saeftinghedock creates room for adjusting past decisions. Some are thinking of a new destination for Doel as an arts village. A positive project that does not have the pretension of being in the way of the expansion of the port. Such an arts village between the port and the polders could give the economic mastodon a more human and more social face. A nice go-between between culture and industry, between nature and the economy. A village inside the port, as a little, vulnerable spot. Such a win-win operation would be feasible if we dare review past decisions.

I hope that my answer clarifies our vision, which takes into account the latest developments.

Caroline Gennez
SP.A President

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La Tela Sonora

La Tela sonora e' una rete che attrae la poesia per espanderla e farla conoscere nel mondo, qui e ora: non esiste passato non esiste futuro. il futuro é il passato come é stato pensato da TE.

Ascolta ora in questo momento, l'unico possibile attimo.

Le parole della poesia letta sono adesso e ora, la loro musicalità é un tantra che raggiunge il cervello e soprattutto il cuore.

visita ed ascolta le puntate trascorse in compagnia dei poeti.

La tela é per tutti grandi e piccini senza distinzione, accoglie per espandere per ritornare nel mondo con una forza più grande

Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno deciso di partecipare, la tela é vostra